Leonard Cheshire Ability 6 sheet poster

Its been nearly 4 months since my last blog and in the intervening time I have often wondered what it would be that finally got me back to my keyboard (besides a break in my workload and the demands of parenthood). Not once did I think it might be a poster about disabled folk. And yet here we are.

I have passed this particular poster on my way into work every day for the last week or so and a number of things about it fascinate me. First up, although it is ostensibly an advert for a charity or pressure group for disabled people, what its essentially saying is HAVE MORE SEX WITH DISABLED PEOPLE. Just looking at it sitting there in capitals. I can still barely believe it. Since when has it been ok to put ads at bus stops encouraging everyone to have sex with this or that minority? Hand jobs for Budists? Anal for lefties? Where will it stop? (Oi, tits only!). And are they just talking about the physically disabled, or do the mentally disable get a slice of the action? Equal opportunity as they are, I’m sure they’re keen not to rule anyone out of the action. Have more sex with mentally disabled people. Sure, it’s not saying it. But it’s not not saying it, is it? Where’s the cut off point? ‘She said she had a mental age of 16 M’Lud.’

The next thing that fascinates me is that having decided to run an ad, at some point something like the following conversation must have taken place…

‘So what shall we use as a visual?’

‘Well… a disabled person?’

‘Euugh. Do we have to? To be honest it puts me off a bit?’

‘Yeah, me too… I know, let’s have a small, pink rabbit in a wheelchair?’

What the fuck? Now we’re encouraging people to have sex with disabled rabbits? Perhaps the headline should read ‘It’s not the wheelchair that gets in the way of sex, but the fact my reproductive organ is only 0.42 inches across and I’m an animal’. Or perhaps the choice of rabbit isn’t coincidental. Perhaps what they’re saying is ‘you should have more sex with the disabled because they go like rabbits? Like Duracell, they go on and on and on. (Hang on a minute, has the whole Duracell campaign been one long innuendo? Is nothing sacred?).

Despite all this, I have never thought so long and hard (ho ho) about having sex with disable people as I have since clocking the poster. I’m afraid I won’t be throwing my hat into the ring (he he). Nevertheless, it’s difficult to argue that it’s not job done.

(4/5 Nice ears, shame about the face)