Spicy Chicken Claws


Brought back from China by my boss, Gavin, from a work trip. Tough Job.
It’s not often you get the opportunity to try something as genuinely off the beaten track as jellied Spicy Chicken Claws. So when Gav returned from his sojourn in China with a bag full, I felt duty bound to tuck in. Even wrestling it from the packet is a novel experience. The claw has the texture of a damp slug and it’s difficult not to recoil when trying to tease it from the foil bag. Once it’s out, you are almost instantly hit by the smell. It’s difficult to describe, outside of saying its unpleasant. There’s a hint of burnt popcorn in there and it has the capacity to linger on your fingers, even long after washing. But as the chinese most likely say, ‘The proof of the Spicy Chicken Claw is in the eating’, so let’s cut to the chase. To be honest it doesn’t really taste of anything. It’s about 80% smell and 20% jelly texture. The closest thing I can liken it to is eating cat food with extra crunchy bits, with the crunchy bits being the tiny bones from the feet of chicken. Yum.

(0/5 Probably better off on the chicken. Sorry Gav)


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